Fireside Chimney Supply Store

Fireside Chimney Supply is an American Company. We offer premium Stainless Steel Chimney Liner systems, Flue Liners, Flexible Chimney Liners, Flue Liner Insulation Kits, Fireplace Refractory Panels, Stainless Steel Rigid Liners, Chimney Chase Covers, Chimney Flue Covers, Fireplace Mantel Shelves and Chimney Liner Kits as well as a wide range of other hearth products. Our fireplace supplies are all produced and manufactured in the United States, and our chimney liners have been revolutionizing the industry since 1992.

Welcome to the Fireside Chimney Supply Store

At Fireside Chimney Supply we only sell products made in the United States that have the highest quality steel, that have the highest grade mill certified alloys, and with craftsmanship unsurpassed in the industry. Our supplier's custom shops have been making hard to find and unusual hearth & chimney components for more than 15 years.  With plants located on the east coast and in the midwest, they have seen and produced many challenging chimney supplies. If you have a challenge, we will go the extra step to make it work.

There are many choices for chimney liners on the web.  Fireside Chimney Supply offers UL 1777 316Ti mill grade stainless steel chimney liners and components.  All are manufactured in the same plant by the same employees. Others may offer what appears to be the same but don’t tell you that the components (top plates, rain caps, Tees or appliance connectors) are manufactured by other companies. This would void the UL listing. The UL listing for all chimney liners are tested with a insulation wrap or a vermiculate insulation. Without the insulation, or the components manufactured by the same company you would not have a UL listed liner kit.

Manufactured in the USA with Lifetime Warranty

There are many grades of steel. Some are very cheap and inferior which would not last a lifetime. At Fireside Chimney Supply you will only be buying the best chimney liner and components that are manufactured in the USA. They carry a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind. If you think your getting a bargain is it up to quality standards?