Chimney Tools & Restoration

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  1. Ahrens Chamber-Tech 2000
    Ahrens Chamber-Tech 2000 Learn More

  2. ChimneySavers Powdered Repellent
    ChimneySavers PWR Powdered Water Repellent Learn More

  3. Water Repellent Water Based
    ChimneySaver Water Repellent Learn More

  4. ChimneySaver CrownSaver SSCR
    ChimneySaver CrownSaver Learn More

  5. ChimneySavers Cold CrownCoat
    ChimneySavers Cold Weather CrownCoat Learn More

  6. ChimneySaver CrownCoat
    ChimneySaver CrownCoat Learn More

  7. Rutland Wet or Dry Patch 510
    Rutland Wet or Dry Roof Patch Learn More

  8. Exterior Chimney Masonry Patch 89
    Rutland Exterior Chimney Masonry Patch Learn More

  9. ChimneySaver CrownSeal SSCS2
    ChimneySaver CrownSeal Learn More

  10. ChimneySaver FlashSeal SSFS
    ChimneySaver FlashSeal Elastomeric Flashing Sealant Learn More

  11. ChimneySaver Crack and Joint Sealant
    ChimneySaver Crack and Joint Sealant Learn More

  12. ChimneySaver Chamber Coat
    ChimneySaver Chamber Coat Learn More

  13. ChimneySaver Cerfractory Foam SSCF
    ChimneySaver Cerfractory Foam Smoke Chamber Sealant Learn More

  14. Silicone Adhesive

    Adheres to glass, metal, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, brick and slate.

    Learn More

  15. Rutland Fireplace Cement 63, 63B, 63G
    Rutland Fireplace Mortar Learn More

  16. EZ-Spread Cement 2.3 oz. 77E
    Rutland E-Z Spread Fiberglass Stove Gasket Cement Learn More

  17. Rutland Hi-Temp 77
    Rutland Hi-Temp Stove Gasket Cement Learn More

  18. Rutland Refractory Cement 611
    Rutland Refractory Cement Learn More

  19. Rutland Castable Refractory Cement 601
    Rutland Castable Refractory Cement Learn More

  20. Rutland Dry Mix 211
    Rutland Dry Mix Learn More

  21. Black Furnace Cement
    Rutland Furnance Cement Black Learn More

  22. Lyemance Cast Aluminum Door

    Aluminum Clean Out Door

    Learn More

  23. Minuteman Cast Iron Door

    Cast Iron Clean Out Door

    Learn More

  24. Ashpit Door
    Ashpit Door Learn More

  25. Snips

    Our snips make cutting metal a breeze.

    Learn More

  26. Crimper

    Using our Crimper helps to make a leak proof, tight fitting connection.

    Learn More

  27. Stainless Steel self-drilling screws

    Stainless Steel self-drilling screws 100 count per/package

    Learn More

  28. Stainless Steel 1/8" Rivets

    Stainless Steel 1/8" Rivets 100 count per/pkg

    Learn More

  29. Tile Breaker
    Tile Breaking Supplies Learn More

  30. Pellet Rods

    This Pellet Rod is made of 1/4" PVC construction for use with your pellet liner.

    Learn More

  31. Round Pellet Stove Brush

    The perfect little brush to navigate through the twist and bends of a pellet chimney liner.

    Learn More

  32. Fiberglass Rods - 3/8" Thread

    Available in 3/8" thread, this most commonly used fiberglass rod stock is perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

    Learn More

  33. Round Poly Brush

    Our Round Poly Brush is made of stiff polypropylene bristles making it acid resistant.

    Learn More

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33 Item(s)